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The Center of Natural Science and Advanced Technologies.

Aurora International Technologies Pte Ltd is creating a scientific and educational platform for worldwide cooperation and integration. Our goal - is the union of science institutes and manufacturers under the educational program
with an accent on applied research and technologies.

What we are to achieve
How we are going to do it
  • An innovative project-based educational program with an emphasis on applied experimental research will form the new kind (generation) of specialists.

  • The union under one education center will move the science and technologies to a new level.

Create clusters of science and technology:

space physics; microelectronics;            materials cluster.

Research fields:

Gather several research fields under each cluster.

Active projects:

Form the dynamic a base of active or

future projects, with features of a project management system.

The outcome:

Modernization and evolution of research system and manufacture Development and implementation of new technologies and new solutions.

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