Electric motors

Development and batch production of a line of electric motors with capacity of 50 - 1000 W for robotics and light mobile transport.

Our goals
Key benefits
  • Creation of inexpensive high-performance electric motors for the rapidly developing robotics industry

  • Substitution of classical electromechanical motors with direct electric motors

  • Stimulating the development of new robotic solutions for medicine, space, nuclear industry, dual and civilian use

  • In comparison with competitors the cost is 20-50% lower

  • Adaptability for the customer's tasks

  • High efficiency (up to 93%)

  • Wide range of speed control from 0 to 5500 rpm

  • Positioning accuracy and repeatability up to 0.01 degrees with constant torque on the shaft

  • A wide range of electric motors with a power step of 50 W

  • Large torque (up to 55 N / m), the possibility of developing large accelerations under load

  • Specific capacity up to 800 W / kg - standard up to 150 W / kg

  • Compactness, ease and reliability of design, low levels of noise and vibrations, simplicity and convenience of installation, no need for lubrication and with little to no demand for maintenance