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Internet of Things

The switch to the digital economy is impossible without the development of new information and telecommunications technologies. These technologies are often simplified to high-speed Internet access technologies. However, in recent years, special attention has been paid to M2M/IoT technologies. These technologies are fundamentally different from high-speed Internet access technologies in that they require low-speed channels for transmitting small data sets and their subsequent processing to provide various management and monitoring services.


M2M/IoT technologies provide an information environment for management and monitoring services of any processes that are associated with any production activities and human life generally speaking. In the end, this qualitatively new environment changes not only the global economic structure, but also the human being.


The physical basis of M2M/IoT networks is mainly landline technologies. However, specialized satellite technologies are in some cases the only possible solution of M2M/IoT issues which provides redundancy in solving particularly important and/or special M2M/IoT issues.

Aurora International Technologies Pte Ltd is developing the Aura Space Network project with the full system consisting of 252 communication satellites (+12 reserves) + 110 remote sensing and meteorological (+6 reserves) satellites. Due to an original, patented, know-how solution, this constellation is planned to be placed in very low orbits (250+ km), which will provide unrivalled competitive strengths with respect to communication speed, quality of the resulting images, and signal strength.

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