Collaborative robotics

Collaborative robotics cells (further in the text CRC), of three modifications have been created to perform technological operations in cooperation with humans to automate the execution of cyclic processes. 

Areas of application of CRC
  • Transfer, visual quality control, packaging and palletizing of parts and finished products

  • Assembly of individual units and finished products

  • Collection and sorting of vegetables, evaluation and sorting of food products

  • Machine tools maintenance

  • Laboratory analysis and testing

  • Bonding and welding

  • Performing the role of a bartender in bars and coffee shops

  • Separation operations on conveyors of confectioneries, chocolate factories, household chemicals

  • Service and other potential uses

Technological innovation

Modular design with the ability to combine gripping modules.
The uniqueness of:

  • Complex software and hardware solutions (CSHS), allowing to safely go around unexpected obstacles in the work area (prevent collisions by changing the trajectories of motion) without stopping production

  • CSHS human interaction in a single technical process

  • CSHS means of manipulating non-positioned objects of various shapes, sizes, masses, densities using machine learning methods