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Our team. Together we'll make it.

Board of Directors

Executive Leadership

Effective leadership at Aurora International Technologies Pte Ltd is not only about getting results. It is about getting results in accordance with our values of Transparency and Collaborative Advancement alongside all of our partners, and this is what allows us to ultimately achieve Uncompromising Results.


Ultimately, every one of us is a leader, because we all control the attitudes and behaviours of at least one person - ourself - and we set an example for our colleagues. AIT is striving to establish the tools and reinforce the values that provide everyone with rewarding work in a safe and supportive environment. But it’s up to each one of us as individuals to embrace the culture that we are creating.

Alexander Ivanov
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Filipp Levin

Filipp Levin is the Chairman of Aurora International Technologies Pte Ltd and the Head of Legal of the broader Aurora Group.

President Director, CEO
Chairman, Head of Legal

Alexander Ivanov is  President Director and Chief Executive Officer of Aurora International Technologies Pte Ltd.